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2021 Stationery Drive

Wednesday 10 Feb 2021 Basic school stationery drive.

The day has finally arrived, for the project to be executed. It's the official opening of our Wed after school feeding programme. We don't just feed the kids, we assist in other ways too. Patsy Abrahams opened with a powerful prayer, thanking God for the past year, and blessings the coming year. Thanking our donors, past and present.

This day was BLESSED with a 100L akhni sponsored by Cecil Walters & Family. (yes the biker CeCe) We were able to dish about 250 meals. 29 loaves of bread 150 basic stationery kits 2 x sets of hardcovers with cowering 185 party packets 100 branded masks 50 pairs school shoes (shoes reached Eindhoven, Khayelitsha, Grassy Park, Prayer Fellowship, Roosendal Primary, Roosendal area and Eastern Cape)

We wish to thank past and present donors. Wholesome Bread Cecil Walters & Family NDA(National Debt Advisors) Tarryn Korkee & family MJ

Anonymous DONOR of the school shoes Past CASH DONORS enabling us, to issue party packets. (Leon Nothegger, Joy Packer, Sanne Group)

The team of volunteers & the board And they looked snazzy, in their new T.shirts

We certainly opened with a bang... "Where He Guides, He Provides"

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