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After School Programme

05 August 2021

People would enquire, "what are the fees?" Respond, no charges, it's free!!

A community after school programme. Offering a service to kids struggling with schoolwork, a space to do home work.

Overseen by educator, Mallaney Cloete, and volunteers, Zeldine Nel, Jason Johnson, Shirley Davids and Brett Mitchell. And Noleen Talmarkes, doing an excellent job with the administration and ensuring a snack for learners and volunteers after the Programme.

Mallaney, groups Learners by grades, and guides volunteers in terms of learner's needs. The Programme are controlled and with strict safety measures.

Well done to the amazing team of volunteers, offering 2hours twice a week, to assist the future leaders.

#education #afterschool #volunteers #futureleaders

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