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Annual General Meeting 2021

Saturday 09 October 2021 Appreciating the volunteers.

Each year, the organization appreciates the volunteers, for the selfless contributions of serving the community.

This year, at the AGM, in place of a powerpoint sideshow, of the services we do in the community, we introduced each volunteer to the community. We introduced them by their volunteering services, and appreciated them with their certificates.

Three special certificates were issued to..... *Cole Williams - youngtrepeneur *Jamie-Lee Williams - youngtrepeneur *Jason Johnson - most development trainings (he has completed 12 various workshops and training in 5 months. And is awaiting feedback on his application at Northlink)

Also in turn, they thank the founder and her husband,, with beautiful flowers.

#volunteersmakeadifference #appreciatethelittlethings #appreciateeachother

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