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Celebrating Eid Lunch 2022

Friday 06 May 2022

Impact Africa is “Celebrating Eid Lunch 2022” through sharing, giving & celebrating with the low-income people & community leaders of Delft, Cape town, South Africa.

Through donations from generous sponsors / supporters like Mustajab Feeding, Khathalelana, Exclusive Meat Butchers, Councillor Dineo, Masiu, Bold Moves and more, a very successful and joyous Eid Lunch was held with over 250 children & adults in attendance.

Councillor Dineo Masiu from Ward 20 Delft spoke passionately about her involvement in the Eid Clothing Drive and Eid Lunch Celebration. She stressed the importance of unity, respect for other people’s faith and encouraged love for one another. She believes everyone wants safety, security and to end poverty.

Khathalelana means ‘Care for One another’ and a very active NGO that works tirelessly in Delft. They focus on sustainable livelihood and development and run various projects including the ‘Sharing & Caring project.

Mrs Marlene Jamieson is the Founder / Director of Khathalelana. For her the event was not about religion but to serve the broader community and respect for the Muslim faith. She mentioned that it is always a beautiful opportunity for her to reach out to the vulnerable especially children. She shared how they strive to support, network & reach out to each other. She appealed to all community leaders to stand together for the sake of the area.

Mr Mohammed Lakay (aka Remo) is a Chef at Chef Daddy Caterers based in Cape town, South Africa. Remo shared what Ramadan meant to him and sad that it has come to an end. He made most of the dishes for the special guests & volunteers. His ‘special potato’ was a great favourite.

Ms Wageeda Leornard, a Director with Bold Moves was overwhelmed with the amount of support she got with organising the event. She narrated how with other Muslim women & men from across Cape town started with the ‘pre cooking’ as a community at 10pm the night before at the Delft Mosque until 3am the next day.

Despite loadshedding and last minute change of venue last challenges, she was delighted with the successful outcome of the event. She is already counting down to a much bigger and brighter Eid Celebrations 2023.

We honour, celebrate and appreciate all our dedicated Muslim women, men & children; who continue to serve Allah passionately and diligently. May peace, unity, love & God’s blessings continue to be upon them.

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