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Cole receiving donations from various donors

11 June 2021

Cole's Story Continues

To date, Cole Williams has a brand name... COLE'S CREATIONS, and we have proudly opened a bank account in his name. Due to our FaceBook post and newspaper article, on Cole Williams we have received a number of good hearted people, that reached out to Cole, to support him. Today we took Cole and grandma Carol, on a road trip to all the donors, and thereafter, a trip to Pronto in Cape Town. Warmest of thanks to.... *Mymona Abader from Walmer Estate Boxes of stock *Ielhaam Alexander from Observatory. Bags of stock *Ani(Andrea) Schmidt from Tamboerskloof Ani, originally from Germany, offered Cole, a mentorship, that is priceless. *Teacher Priscilla Anthony from Roosedal Primary School. Various beads. A family member of Cole, gave him R500. More offers, are still on route to Cole. It was beautiful to meet all the donors, and also listened to their stories, and what had attracted them to Cole's story. We hoping, Cole's Creations, will one day bloom in shops. "one Child, one Day... one Day, one Child"

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