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Mam K 54th Birthday Celebration

27 May 2021 Birthday Celebrations!!!

Kemi Akiyode-Adebayo, also known as Mama K, now also known as aunty Kemi, to the kids of Delft, celebrated her 54th birthday at our organisation.

The theme for her birthday party, was EMPOWERING YOUNG PEOPLE/ENTREPRENEURS. Aunty Kemi, shared her business journey, and encouraged the youngsters, to follow their dreams. Cole Williams, was highlighted, as a Youngtrepeneur. With games and gifts, aunty Kemi, invested cash funds, into the first 3 children, to start a savings plan.

Through her organization, Bold Moves Africa, she has also invested R5000.00, to partner with Khathalelana, in order to run YOUNGTREPENEURS. To inspire, encourage, and startup potential youth businesses.

The day was filled with prayers, praise and worship, some games, fun, laughter, lots of dancing, gifts, and tasty food and cake.

Our prayers for aunty Kemi, is that God bless her with goodness and favor and health, all the days of her life. We thank her, for choosing to SERVE the children and volunteers of Delft on her birthday.

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