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21 July 2021

Icy coldness and rain, could not keep beneficiaries away. Every Wednesday, is a profound experience.

What seems to be just a meal, is a first or the only meal for many. When kids smell the food, and get excited. What seems as just a loaf of bread, seems like a gold bar for others. Lord help us to be mindful.

Protein, Starch, Veg (fish fingers, macaroni, mix veg)

Meals: 210 Bread; 28 loaves Peanut butter sachets

Our Warmest Thanks goes to... Wholesun Bread FOOD RELIEF ALLIANCE OF SOUTH AFRICA (FRASA)/LEMOSA F. Samodien for the fish fingers

And special thanks to Chipkins Puratos Jhb, who sponsored our caps & jackets, which came in very handy today.

The team of volunteers, braving the cold and rain, to serve the community, you guys rock.

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