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Dacing Project Training and Development

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Saturday 11 June 2022 What a blessed and beautiful opportunity for the children of Delft. Thank you to Worthy by Brittnay Jean Hoffman and her team of talented dancers.

They trained, equipped, inspired and prayed for the children.

We also invited other children and groups, to benefit from this opportunity.

Thank you, to our own Facilitators, Anthenette Lewis, and her team, for coordinating and hosting this amazing event.

Patricia Assure & Shirley Davids, preparing the food.

And a special thanks to Rosendal Primary School, for allowing us to use the spacious hall. And Mr Jantjies, ensuring that we were good and secured all day.

Thank you Lord, for this blessed experience.

For the team of WORTHY, going into communities, and investing in children.

"One Child, One Day... One Day, One Child"

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