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Youngtrepeneur Cole Williams (11yrs)

Success Story...YOUNGtrepeneur *interview* Cole Williams 11 years old, a grade 5 learner @ Roosendal Primary School. He is the eldest of 2 children. His family lives with the grandmother in Roosendal, Delft. Cole is a shy young boy, with many skills and a mind for business

In 2019, when we hosted a school holidays beading project, COLE WILLIAMS, was only 10 years old, and attended. The beading project was facilitated by Denise du Plooy.

To date, COLE, has made over 300 beading items, and sold it in front of their gate, and amongst family members and friends. He started this business, with left over beading stock from his grandma. Thereafter purchasing his own beads from sales.

At our recent school holiday rock art project, COLE took the skill home, and started painting rocks he found in their garden.

While chatting with COLE, we discovered he was in need of stock. We opened our beading stock box, and invited him to choose whatever he needed to continue beading. We also invited him to contact us, whenever he is in need of any beading stock.

He and his grandma, also uses ice-lolly sticks to create items.

We believe COLE, will become a business person, and use his creativity to do things with his hands.

If any person or business person reads this post, and wish to mentor and support our YOUNGtrepeneur, feel free to contact us.


"one Child, one Day... one Day, one Child"

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