Programmes & Projects

One Child, One Day...  One Day, One Child.

We are committed to the development of our communities youth.

Focusing primarily on one child at a time. 

Sustainable Livelihood Programme

Funded by the Department of Social Development, our aim is to provide a nutritional cooked meal, served to around 100 beneficiaries, 5 days a week.

Wednesday Feeding Programme

Each Wednesday afternoon, school children and adults are served a nutritious meal served with a juice, and at times fruit or snack packs.

At we would received toiletries from donors. and we distribute it in the community.

After School

Tuesday and Thursday - 4pm

Volunteers assist school children struggling with homework and learning.




Wednesdays after school 3pm - 4pm

Children are taught a dancing skill on the music.

Temporary shifted to Saturdays 3pm to 4pm

School holidays, children are afforded the skill of various arts and craft.

Jewellery, Christmas Decorations, Stationery holders, etc


Arts & Craft

Workshops for
Adults & Children

Jewellery from beadings, material painting on runners and pillowcases, "hold-alls" from empty tins

bags from old jeans


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